Katharina Dubno: What the Water Gave Me

Katharina Dubno 2012

TrAIN/KSB (Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral) Resident Artist 2012 | Katharina Dubno Exhibition | WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME

TrAIN/KSB are pleased to announce that between 19th and 28th of September 2012 The Triangle Space at Chelsea College of Art and Design shall exhibit the work of Katharina Dubno, TrAIN/Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral Resident Artist 2012.


Rivers of water run down my London apartment window and again make me want to flee London. This anonymous, hectic place, where superficiality, consumption and stress determine the everyday life, where people hardly have time for a private life and thus no time to share and socialise .
I want to be off to the shore, sit by the water, recover, calm down and think.
And finally, this is where I find what I seeked! People with time, open mindedness, and a great sense of solidarity. A life in accordance with the rhythm of nature, full of creativity, the freedom and space for using imagination and expression of ideas- All that without the ‘benefit‘ of external rules and regulations.
These people live in a houseboat community – families, singles, couples, retired people and students. I get the chance to become part of their lifes. We work, cook, sing and talk, we do the kids homeworks, we fix the boat‘s leaks, do gardening, meet up for Yoga, barbeques and parties.

Even though rivers of water run down my houseboat window, I’m happy and I highly appreciate, what the water gave me.