Dr. Pratap Rughani

TrAIN Member – Reader in Documentary Film & Course Director of MA Documentary Film (LCC)
Dr Pratap Rughani’s practice embodies a range of documentary film and photographic practices. Much of his early film work is in observational broadcast documentary modes, with twenty-five films for BBC 2 and Channel 4. Other films are independent commissions for the British Council or research-supported projects for gallery spaces such as Modern Art Oxford and Galerie Polaris. Many films explore the dynamics of inter-cultural communication, conceiving documentary as a crucible in which people of radically different perspectives, cultures and politics come into relation, for example with the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of the new South Africa.

He filmed in the aftermath of many moments of tension or emergence from conflict including in South Asia, China, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Aboriginal Australia and across the Islamic world.

Pratap is interested in cultivating pluralised film spaces through which newer understandings in inter-cultural communication can evolve. He writes on practical and philosophical questions of documentary film in a number of book chapters, academic and journalistic articles exploring questions of documentary ethics, peace and conflict and post-colonial emergence.

He combines praxis with commentary on significant developments in documentary studies, and has written several book chapters, academic and journalistic articles for a range of national publications including on questions of documentary ethics. He is a UK National Teaching Fellow with a focus on the relationship between teaching and research.